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Current Resources

The Southern Regional Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs tries to help families, and the professionals who support them, through providing current resources, news articles, interesting items and more. We post “What’s New” on our home page each week. We regularly post this content and more on our Facebook page. We send out a weekly Resource Round-up on Fridays (send an email with Weekly Resource Round-up in the Subject Line to to join).We bring together the “What’s New” resources by topic and place them on the Resources page. We hope you can find some help, encouragement, or just information on this page. New content is added regularly.

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Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs/Maternal and Child Health

Schools and Special Education

Resources for Teens/Preparing for Transition to Adulthood

Equity and Diversity

Mental Health Resources

Resources for Families with Younger Children

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