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Trainings offered by the Southern Regional Center and our trusted partners.

Training Opportunities

Below is a listing of the community training events sponsored by the Wisconsin Southern Regional Center of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) and their partners. Most trainings are offered virtually. If would like to partner with us to offer an in-person training, please email Tim at

C.A.R.E. Medical Home Series for Families

This series of four presentations and discussions was developed to support families who have children or youth with special health care needs. The series includes Caring for the Whole FamilyAssembling a Care NotebookRequesting a Shared Plan of Care, and Exploring Care Mapping. At the end of the discussions, participants will understand what a medical home is, how a medical home may benefit their child and family. The discussions are appropriate for both professionals and families.

Youth Health Transition Trainings

Build Your Bridge – Moving from Child to Adult Health Care
This is a free presentation and conversation to help guide families through the transition from child-centered to adult health care systems. Youth and families are often overwhelmed and under-prepared for the transition to adult health care. This presentation will introduce and discuss when to start thinking about health care transition as well as provide helpful tools and resources.

Dreaming Differently: Planning the Transition to Adult Healthcare
This is a free presentation and conversation to help guide families whose child has a significant intellectual and/or developmental disability or medical complexity. Family members will spend 90 minutes learning about the unique experience of transitioning to adult health care for a child who is medically complex.

Bridging the Gap
Health Care Transition overlaps with, and is foundational to the success of other areas of transition, like employment, higher education, daily living, etc. This is a free presentation to help people involved in all areas of transition and from all agencies to learn the basics of health care transition and consider how health care transition can be part of the other areas of transition. A limited number of focused modules are also available.

Family Voices of Wisconsin

A trusted partner of the Southern Regional Center who offers Learning Sessions, Family Leadership Resources and much more! Some sessions have recordings and resources sheets in English and Spanish.

Learning Sessions

Children Building Choice-Making Skills
For children with intellectual and developmental disability practicing choice-making is especially important because it can lead to a more self-determined life as an adult. This means an adult with connections to the community, a sense of empowerment and a sense of safety because they know their opinions matter. We have everything you need to start choice-making for your child.

Did You Know? Now You Know!
Learn about all the resources and services for children with disabilities and special health care needs from birth through young adulthood. Topics include private health insurance, Medicaid, long-term supports, how to coordinate services and so much more.

Medicaid Made Easy
If you have questions about Medicaid, this training is for you. We’ll tell you how Medicaid works for children with disabilities. We explain everything from funding to eligibility to how services are received, using an easy-to-understand format.

What’s After High School?
Learn about the transition to adult life for youth with disabilities and special health care needs. This training covers the role of schools, long-term supports, public benefits, the change to adult health care, supported decision making options and other legal options, advocacy, employment, housing and living, the basics of self-determination, and imagining community life.

Family Leadership

WiFli, Wisconsin Family Leadership Institute
WiFli is a leadership experience for families who have children with disabilities or special health care needs. Sessions build your leadership, communication and teamwork skills to improve the programs and services families depend upon.

Advocacy for Change Conference
Family Voices of Wisconsin’s annual advocacy event will increase your advocacy skills and connect you with your state legislators.

Policy Topics
As part of a statewide network of disability organizations, Family Voices of Wisconsin monitors changes in state and federal law and advocate for policies that benefit families with disabilities.

Advocacy Toolkit
Family Voices of Wisconsin provides information on Telling Your Family Story, Working with Elected Officials, Serving on Committees, and the Family Leadership Fact Sheet Series.

Resource Library
Family Voices offers Newsletters, Fact Sheets, Reports, and Video Fact Sheet written by families for families.

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