Harnessing Abilities Rounding up Resources: Special Needs Financial Planning 2.9.22

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Looking Ahead: Financial Planning for the Future
What will happen to your child when you are no longer around to take care of them? How does the ABLE Act of 2014 impact their future? This workshop is designed to help families plan for the financial future of their child(ren), or other dependents, with special needs. Learn about eligibility for government benefits while helping to meet the needs for lifetime of care and quality of life issues. This presentation will cover estate planning, ABLE accounts, guardianship, wills and trusts, and Letter of Intent. CRN-202106-249120

Presenter: Bob is the father of a son diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He is also the survivor of a 1975 car accident that resulted in 22 orthopedic reconstruction surgeries. Consequently, he understands disability as both a parent and a patient. He is the founder of Special Needs Planning, LLC.